Dealing Effectively With Bad and Aggressive Drivers

 “road rage” by randychiu is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When you’re driving in Davis, CA, or anywhere for that matter, you’re bound to encounter drivers who seem to lack skill, common sense, or consideration for others. In order to keep yourself safe when dealing with bad and aggressive drivers, it’s helpful to keep these simple driving tips in mind:

Make Space

One of the simplest ways to protect your car while driving is to make space around you, especially in busy highways like in Fremont, CA. Keep several vehicle lengths of distance between you and the car in front, that way when an aggressive driver decides to suddenly change lanes, there is plenty of space for them to do so. More space between you and other cars also gives you more time to react.

Pay Attention

Keep an eye on the traffic around you in Napa, CA. While you can’t foresee every situation, if you pay attention to what other drivers are doing you’ll be better prepared to react. If you see a driver tailgating another car, anticipate that he or she will change lanes as soon as they get an opportunity. If you see that, don’t get alongside the tailgating vehicle and make sure to stay out of their blind spot.

Keep Your Cool

Imagine a bad driver just changed lanes and nearly hit you. How do you respond? It’s best to keep your cool and give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. It’s entirely possible they just didn’t see you. If someone is riding your bumper, change lanes and let them pass. It shouldn’t harm your ego any and it will put space between you and them.

Don’t Egg Them On

If you suspect the other driver made an aggressive move in order to rile you up, responding with a hand gesture or honking will only gratify them at best and pour fuel on their fire at worst. You never know the state of mind of the other driver and egging them on has the potential to create a road rage situation.

Be Prepared

Of course, even if you do your best, you might be victim of someone else’s poor driving. If an accident does occur, be sure to exchange insurance information with the other driver. Then, if you need car service in Northern California, visit a Hanlees Auto Group dealership. We have a number of convenient locations, including Davis, Napa, Fremont, and Richmond, CA. We’ll get your car fixed up right and get you back on the road soon. 

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