Finding the Best Used Car for Your Teen Driver


With summer here, many teens on break and recent high school grads are taking to the roads for the first time.  As these new drivers yearn for independence, they are likely to soon require their own car – especially if they are heading off to college or a job. As much as you’d prefer your kids to stay in the backseat where you can be sure they’re safe, owning a car is an important step into adulthood. The best you can do as a parent is to make sure your teen driver is behind the wheel of something reliable and safe.

Out of the Nest, Into the Driver’s Seat

Whether or not you’re bankrolling your teen’s used car, your input will be an important factor in which vehicle your teen decides upon. As a parent, don’t be afraid to exert your veto power if your teen starts considering a vehicle you don’t think meets the criteria of being safe and reliable. Do your homework and take the time to understand Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety ratings. The IIHS awards the safest vehicles tested with the TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating. Vehicles that earn good, advanced or superior crash test ratings across the board are given the TOP SAFETY PICK distinction. The NHTSA uses an easy-to-understand five-star safety rating scale. You can easily look up the safety ratings every vehicle tested using the website of either organization.

Buying Used vs. Buying New for a Teen Driver

There are numerous advantages to buying a used car for your teen over buying a brand-new car. First off – the price: A used vehicle will almost universally cost less than a comparable new vehicle. When choosing a used vehicle, you can choose from either the used inventory at Hanlees Auto Group or our selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. Understanding the difference between used and certified pre-owned is key to make sure you’re buying with confidence. Used cars are just that – they’ve been previously owned, and it’s not much more complicated than that. Certified pre-owned vehicles, however, go through rigorous, make-specific inspection processes to ensure the highest quality before the vehicle is made available for purchase.   

Find a Used or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle for your Teen in Wine Country

Come visit a Hanlees Auto Group dealership in Wine Country today to browse our complete inventories of used and certified pre-owned vehicles. We carry many makes from Hyundai to Honda and we’d be happy to help you find a great car for your teen driver. Our expert staff is here to answer any questions you may have about the vehicles we stock in our inventory. Visit us today!


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