How to Recharge, Repair and Maintain your A/C: Know When it’s Time to Act

When it comes to your car’s air conditioning, it may be the only thing that makes traveling in the summer months tolerable. Your A/C can fail for several different reasons, and the type symptoms you are noticing will tell you a lot about what is wrong. We are here to help guide you through process of determining if you have an issue, and what kind of issue you may be having.

There may be several warning signs your air conditioning is having issues, or is about to fail. The most common are:

  • Low air flow: Any time you have an issue with the flow of air, and not the temperature, your problem is probably not with the air-cooling part of your air conditioning system. Instead you are probably having a problem with the blower motor that is responsible for the flow of air after the temperature has been changed from hot to cold.
  • Warm air: Warm air is going to be an issue revolving around low refrigerant issues, a pressure problem (caused by failed compressor or a leak), or an issue with the evaporator. While warm air issues can get tricky and be caused by several problems, always start with the main components listed first. A clog can also cause low refrigerant flow and that will cause warmer temperatures as well.
  • Clicking or abnormal sounds: The sound of the compressor cycling on and off can often be heard as a clicking sound. This clicking is normal, but there are other clicking noises that are not okay. Particularly any clicking noise that is coming from inside the cab. This is usually a sign that your blend door motors are not working or controlling the air inside the ducts correctly.
  • Bad smell: A bad smell often comes as a result of mildew and bacteria that grow within the cooling system if they are not properly maintained. A full refrigerant flush usually takes care of any serious problems. It also may be a sign that the drier is failing at removing moisture from the system and air. If a smell persists, you may need to have your ducts cleaned.

How to Take Care of Vehicle Air Conditioning

One of the easiest ways to avoid any major issues is to keep up with regular air conditioning maintenance. This includes having the refrigerant evacuated, and the system recharged with fresh refrigerant. This will not only keep the system from developing clogs, but ensures the system is properly pressurized at all times. By maintaining the system, the components won’t be as strained and are less likely to fail. Changing small components as they wear out also keeps the major components working at their prime.

If you think you may have issues, or it has been a year or longer since you’ve had regular A/C maintenance, have your air conditioningserviced by Hanlees Auto Group. Let the experts take care of you and your car, and make sure you are ready for the summer heat. 

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